Crowdfunding campaign : GOAL ACHIEVED !



Edit septembre 17:

B(s)ttF = WIN !

We are pleased to announce that thanks to you and your support we gathered € 8000 !

Black(s) to the future, really is a bet (crazy, ambitious, risky ?) but also an (amazing) adventure to come ! And thanks to you, today, we are about to take off !

We launched the first version of our site at the begining of September ; coming in November : the prints and goodies we have promised you, and in December, we will be able to deliver the first Blackbox – hopefully, lets keep our fingers crossed ! Regarding the launch party, we’ll talk about it again in 2016, promised !

A great THANKS to :

Magali, Sonia, Marie-Annette, Alice, Yoann, Marie, Amandine, Cécilia, P’titeGonz, Anaïs, Pauline H., Emanuelle, Léna, Thomas B., Marie, Nicole, Horace, Claire, Emmanuèle, Fanny, Maud, Sophie-A, Stephen, Maria, Clothilde, Amanda, Anouk, Irène, Justine, Benjamin G., Benjamin W., Sophie B., Samuel, Julie, Philippe, Antoine, Anaël, Corentin, Lisa, Gaël, Lucille, Antonin, Afrolead, Cécile G., Cécile N., Pauline B., Storia di Medioevo, Inès, Soline, Pia, Paola, Patrick P., Charlotte, Gabrielle, Clara, Labluebelle, Timothée, Inessa, Karel, Vincent, Henri, Thomas R., Marie-Françoise, Anton, Hélène, Lamine, Steffi, Clémence…

For having contributed to the promoting and the renewed / creative / positive / sustainable and prospective enlightment of approaches and projects made by contemporary artists, researchers, journalists, scientists, thinkers, musicians… questioning a new link to africanness ; and this, whether they live in Yaoundé, Addis Ababa, New York, Paris, Bombay, Alger, Tokyo, Brazzaville or Melbourne… !

THANKS to all those wo spread the information, to their friends and networks ; to those who already participate to the project,

to our – almost – 1800 facebook fans, to all those who would like to join us!

If you have any question, do not hesitate :

Thanks again and see you soon!

Why a crowdfunding campaign ?

All Black(s) to the Future members are volunteers and work for free on their spare time. However, some positions require to call on freelance workers who can fully concentrate on “technical” missions (the web integration and legal share in particular) ; without forgetting the various costs pertaining to the settlement of the project. We need all of this, right now, before we could even consider the search for heavier financing (from public aid to sponsors, through the launch of the brand and the e-shop or advertising…).

Another critical need is that B(s)ttf also aims to become a production hub : the “black box” (which will include a hard copy of our best articles and visuals + goodies), the making of videos, and the events implementation. Once again, we need a minimum of means to boot the machine!

How does it work ?

It is quite simple : we set a goal (€ 8000). If it is reached, ulule recovers 8% of the amount and we can develop the project serenely. If by cons we do not succeed (even close to € 2), we lose everything (ulule won’t take its commission either).

Where are we now ?

At the beginning of the campaign (in juin) we set two specific goals :

  • launch the beta version of the website by september
  • design & product our first boxes

We have already completed one of our goals, but we still need you for the future ! From € 5 to € 500, there is no small contibution… so forward / again, THANK YOU !

Cover photo :

Anton Furst, Gotham City – modifié par Mawena Yehouessi



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