We are both a medium (= we create contents) and a media (= a broadcasting hub) ; which means that together – creatives, searchers, activists…-, we propose formats to tell and build, in new ways, the world we (used to / want to) live in: inclusive, sustainable and unabashed.

love@blackstothefuture.com <3


We propose online contents (articles, mixtapes, videos), organize events (festive, of art and/or academic) and develop products (fashion/design, publishing + a software)… following our own pace: slowly but surely.

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Our statement is that africanity passes through all – epochs, nationalities and interests. And we want to show that taking interest in these issues is no longer a simple humanistic duty, but a sustainable commitment, whether one is Afro-descendant or not.

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The project was launched mid-2015 by Mawena. Today, the team consists of a dozen people, all volunteers. Though we keep exchanging and collaborating with more than 50 people worldwide!

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We are turtles in a world of hares. That said, we want to challenge & change things on several levels, but deeply… And intuition, slowness and our mistakes are precious: it isn’t just about acting, but caring/thinking/healing.

ONGOING PROJECTS: 2nd edition of the ‘B(S)TTF-Festival‘ (16-17 sept. 2017), Co-programing of 2018 ‘Black Future Month’ with #BLACKLIVESMATTER network, Research Seminar 2018 ‘The Infinite Darkness of the World: utopia/dystopias’ (CIPh / Afrikadaa / Paris 8), Broadcasting of the General History of Africa (Unesco), Development of an augmented editing software (the Diabole). SOME COLLABORATIONS: Quai Branly Museum, Black Portraitures Conferences (NYU, Harvard, WITS), Dapper Museum, The Funambulist magazine, 17bis radio, Le Comptoir Général. WE MET THEM: Jean-Luc Lagardère Fundation (2nds finalists of the Digital Creator Award), Lafayettes-Anticipation Fundation and Institut Français (project presentations), France Culture (invited to the Les Nouvelles Vagues show), ARTE (Tracks show on the Festival #1).


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