“The Senegalese cultural scene is currently in full swing!”

As part of the festival Africa in every sense, that took place in Paris from last 22 May to 7 June, the Black(s) To The future’s team met Amadou Tounkara, an artist from Senegal issued from the Fine Arts, having exhibited in Paris, Montreal or Tokyo. Invited by the festival to participate in workshops and live performances during concerts, he also took part in the realization of a fresco on a wall exposed near the Petit Bain in Paris, in collaboration with Ndoye Douts, a Senegal visual artist.

Kan Hoho : the 3.0 need of History

Kan Hoho, “The old rope,” is a proverb taken from the Fon (Benin, West Africa) language and saying that, “It is at the end of the old rope that one weaves the new.” The image is thus of the importance of the continuity of generations and of history.

Empire, la série “swag” par excellence ! / Empire, or the swaggest show ever!

The Empire series, which has been surfing the FOX in the US this winter – and everything reversed on its way, it’s little to say! – is a blatant example of how western folk culture is enamored of certain aspects of Afro-American culture, rejecting codes that it reappropriates itself elsewhere. While ostentation has become a full-fledged claim, how to interpret this denial?