Ethiopian condominiums : “prisons” or golden cities ?
Ninon Blond

Since 2005, the Ethiopian government has embarked on a broad policy of urban renewal and construction. To meet the growing demand for housing in the Ethiopian cities, he has built nearly 80,000 condominiums. The majority are located in Addis Ababa […]. 63,677 families have already received an apartment in a condominium. The town hall distributes them through a lottery system. Those who have won the lottery then have 30 years to pay 40,000 birr which are about 1800 euros, required by the city to become the proud owners of their new apartments. (Slate Africa)

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video extract of a a seminar on social housing and funding in Ivory Coast. (FR)

During  Bamako photo biennale, the artist Nassim Rouchiche, in his series « Ca va waka ! » looked at the interiors of these buildings. (FR)

An article on the limits of social housing in Africa, to be compared to their “white suburban houses” equivalents. (FR)

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Ninon Blond
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