Mawena Yehouessi (Founder & Director / Art Dir.) Philosophy, arts, curation, mgmt, design, … she’s a project engine. #MICROCHIP #RELENTLESS .  
Loane Alonzeau (Community Manager) From links to links, she feeds on the news & makes it all ’bout us. #HOTTHISWEEK #UPDATED .
  Vincent Bremaud (Music Project Manager) From finance to hip-hop, he’s this guy : an accurate yet very chilled decision-maker. #SHARP .
Yaëlle Corbrejaud (Fashion and Design) Both a fashion designer and a tutor she gives shape to our thoughts through our collection. #SWAG #CRAFTSWOMAN .   Anaëlle Domitien (Videomaker) As a field reporter, she captures both exchanges & projects: she’s our very own Ida B. Wells. # VISIONARY #ANADOM .   Caroline Honorien (Editor in Chief) She is a curious and committed art and literature seeker. She moves us, challenges us & never dumbs us down. #MASTERMIND .
Jessica Komguen (Webdesigner) Specialized in video games & everythg transmedia she works on our 2018 website. #EAGER . Ingha Mago (Graphic Designer) Also a videomaker & performer, she declines and enriches our visual identity. #MYHOOD . Fallon Mayanja (Production manager) She’s a sharp-tongued jack of all trades! She will keep us stay on course. #BOSSY #RAINBOW .
Eden du Paradis (Co-curator) She’s a protean artist, a mystery. So much we wouldn’t dare to say more… #FAMILY #SIREN .   Justine Rousseau (Translator in Chief) Sure she takes our content ever further, but did you know about her #BASS #NAPKEY skills? .   Patrick Yehouessi (Consultant Advisor) Creator and strategic, invisible but aware: he’s the Behind the scene. #DADDY #KEYSTONE .

Artists associated to the B(S)TTF-Studio : Olivia Foulke, Nadir Khanfour, Tarek Lakhrissi, Eden du Paradis, Ingha Mago, M.Y, Josèfa Ntjam, Celia Sadai, Kengné Teguia…

Contributors and guests : Afriscope – Africultures / ä f r o t o p i ä / Jamika Ajalon / Ishola Akpo / Salomé Bertrand / Ninon Blond / Bonne Enfant / Dalila Dalléas Bouzar / Meriem Chabani / Rebecca Chaillon / Claire Clouet / DJ Cucurucho / Les Cuistots Migrateurs / Dagara Dakin / Mark Dery / Claudie Titty Dimbeng / Poussy Draama / Virginie Echene / Expedition Invisible / Gato Preto / Olivier Gbezera / Claire le Grand / Griot Magazine / Ibaaku / MC-C Imperatriz / Jostero / Pierre-Henri Kanyinda / Nadia Yala Kisukidi / DJ Kôôl / Krigga / Layfullstop / Sonia Libong (aka O’Kobbo) / Lulendo / Olivier Marboeuf / Emo de Medeiros / Moody Matt / Vincent Moon et Priscilla Telmon / Yves Murangwa / Bocar Niang / Neals Niat / Claire Nini / Oyinboy / PallAya / Pedrolito / Enrica Picarelli / Giuliano Ponturo / Radyo Shak / Showtime Tatoo / Fannie Sosa / Catitu Tayassu / Oliver Tida / Amadou Tounkara / Tunde Wey / Wiz you! / Witch Prophet / Ytasha Womack / Xolisa / Stef Yamb / Daniela Yohannes / Mukhtara Yusuf…


Those whose help was  more than precious! : Clémence Denis et Timothée Nicot (communication), Lamine Dramé et Laurent Cardon (website building), Hélène. Dunner (strategy), Réana Kebe (translation), Léopold Lambert (The Funambulist), Steffi Njoh Monny (editorial content / community mgmt), Benjamin Walewski et Toni Polo (music content).


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