Art by Krigga : Balance your equations
Mawena Yehouessi

“My interest in collage really came to be when I immersed myself in studying alchemy. The idea of taking prima materia and transmuting it into something brand new grabbed me. I was always captivated by the collage aesthetic, and it was a natural talent for me. What really moved me was the lack of black faces and bodies in this particular expression. ” Krigga

Who are you ?

Formally, I’m Krigga and I walk between dimensions to relay messages in the form of images. Informally, I am who I am. Really it depends on who you are.

Are you a human being ? If not, what are you ?

I’m Lyran, I just look this way so normies don’t lose their shit.


Krigga Dezz Archi © Roni Nicole_1

Krigga © Roni Nicole // Afrofuturism is my expression, and digital collage is my discipline. With these two concepts, I tell stories, provide explanations, and transmit messages that I’ve been charged to share with my kin of frequency.  I studied the imagery of alchemical art as a method of communication, and utilize its principles in my workings.

Do you believe in intuition ?

I knew you were gonna ask me that.

Are you an optimist ?

In a way. I tend not to lean to either side.  I’m aware that the situation will be what it is, but I’m also aware of my ability to make it so if I will it to be.


Capture d’écran 2016-01-18 à 13.20.51

“Ol’ Buttermilk Sky”, Krigga, March 2015 // This piece was created to celebrate The Scarlet Woman. The re-awakening of the Divine Feminine who wields the power to pull back the veil of perceived reality.  The title is a reference to the thick clouds that conceal the true nature of ourselves and creation.

How would you define the future ?

Manifestations loading.


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“Vertical Mobility”, Krigga, June 2015 // Vertical Mobility represents the uplifting of the Sacred Feminine and the Black Woman. By placing her on a pedestal and uplifting the woman and the feminine energy that has been raped and abused, can we heal ourselves and find our balance as a race, both black and human.

Are magic and  technology opposed ? If yes, how / why ?

They’re one in the same.  Technology is an attempt to recreate what occurs magically, on a mundane level.


Capture d’écran 2016-01-18 à 13.21.56

“Telegnostia”, Krigga, December 2015 // Telegnosis is another term for supernatural or occult knowledge. The imagery represents the wisdom and vision that comes from the balance of feminine (being) and masculine (doing).

What difference between dreams, desires, projections ?


What does the word « fantasy » mean ?

Our personal projections of perfection.


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“Janhoy”, Krigga, September 2015 // I created this piece while reflecting on the richness of Ethiopian history and culture, as well as the mystical nature, principles, and beliefs of H.I.M. and Rastafarianism.

Do you feel like a stranger ? If yes, to what ?

Sometimes. I’ve come to find it increasingly easier to fully immerse myself in any situation if I so choose. Other times I can’t be bothered.

What does « blackness » mean ?

One’s intimate relationship with the void.

And « afro-ness » ?

One’s intimate relationship with the void through various cultural isms.


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“Megaphenocryst”, Krigga, September 2014 // A phenocryst is a crystal chunk that is larger than the rest of the grains in an igneous rock. The title is a reference to standing out, and being the one in a sea of many. The imagery is a reflection of that, along with a reference to astral travel.

What is Africa ?

The source of great controversy.

Does it have anything to learn to the world ? If yes, what ?

I think that through studying and observing the continent and it’s full panoply of history, customs, cultures, and beliefs, can the world truly know itself. By understanding, accepting, and loving Africa as the mother of humanity and civilization, can we begin to heal ourselves.  We need to realign ourselves with our true nature.


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“Goolu Okan”, Krigga, February 2015 // Goolu is Yoruba for “Gold” and Okan is Yoruba for “Conscience/Mind/Heart”. So this piece was created as a reminder of our inherent spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wealth. That we are the physical and spiritual embodiment of the richness of the universe and of this earth.

What is its future ?

The Motherland is great. Always has been, and always will be. To assume any less would be to buy into the narrative that is being perpetuated by the powers that be that she is any less than bountiful and amazing. So Africa will continue to serve as an inspiration, a healer, a provider, a mother, and a father to the world and especially it’s diasporans.


Classified Discourse

“Classified Discourse”, Krigga, January 2015 // This image represents instructions I received in a dream. I was told to help balance the masculine and feminine energies by using the Violet Flame to raise frequencies.

Whats is afrofuturism ?

I think it’s difficult to put afrofuturism in a box.  It’s a way of life for a certain kind of person.  Perhaps it’s the culture of reincarnated melanites with dope ideas living in a modern world.

Are you an afrofuturist ?

It’s one of my expressions, yes.


Capture d’écran 2016-01-18 à 13.38.39

“Shedyet”, Krigga, June 2015 // Shedyet is the name of the main cult center for Sobek, a Kemetic War God. I was visited by him during a meditation.  The images represent the people finding protection and a safe haven by finding their roots and returning home.

What is the latest thing you have learned ?

That life on Earth has always kind of sucked, but we are becoming increasingly aware of to what degree.

Where were you on friday the 20th of april 2063 ?

Avoiding people. By that point, I was preparing for my departure, so I wasn’t as mobile, but ganja and the rest of our healing herbs had fully been accepted as medicine.  But they had become such an everyday thing, so people got extra poserish on 4/20. It was annoying so I stayed home.


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“Substantia nigra”, Krigga, February 2015 // This working came to me as instructions to black youth to prepare and protect themselves against the evils. The title means “black substance” which is a structure in the brain that appears darker due to it’s high neuromelanin content.  The imagery is a reminder to consult our ancestors, and use the ancient sciences and astrology to govern and protect ourselves in a physical, mental, and spiritual warzone.

A soundtrack ?

A Fireside Chat With Lucifer (by Sun Ra).


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“Transmunomicon”, Krigga, April 2015 // This piece is a self portrait. I looked in the mirror and briefly saw an old wise man with golden horns looking back. As I reflected on it, his features became clear to me, and they represented aspects of my Self. His dark, dreadful, demonic appearance serves to guard his light and his secrets from the unworthy.

Describe us how the world ends.

It never really ended, she just got fed up with our shit. Over time the environment began to evolve at an exponential rate to become increasingly hostile to particular frequencies.  Humanity proved itself too clever to be culled, so holes in space-time began opening and swallowing up individuals that operated solely on duality and dwelled primarily in fear, the lowest vibrational frequency.  It worked well at first, but then it began to work too well. People that were spared began to fall back on the same principles and habits that caused this to happen.  It wasn’t death that they experienced, simply being sent to another place that was fit to handle the abuse they dished out while seeking power out of fear. Humans tried to counter this with rapid procreation, but it was doomed because they were creating out of fear, not love. By this point, we created a debt to the planet that we could never repay. Earth closed it’s doors to humans so that the healing process could begin and reach completion.  Those of us that dwelled on and mastered the frequencies of love, creativity, wisdom, and life found homes back in the stars from which we came, and we continued on to master higher principles and new lessons. Those that still had to learn the basics continued on their paths to reach a more complete understanding. Eventually humanity went the way of the dinosaurs, the planet was returned to it’s natural, balanced state, and the next species assumed the apex position.


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“Some Men”, Krigga, September 2015 // The title is a reference to the quote “Some men just want to watch the world burn”.  The idea came as I reflected on the political turbulence and the protests against the evils that society perpetuates against black bodies. The family watches, indifferent, as the white patriarchal society consumes itself under the burden of it’s own imbalances.

What if you had to do it again ?

i’m good. I’ve come here enough times. Volunteering to help humanity was fun and challenging, but I’m ready to retire from such a position.

One last comment ?

Balance your equations.



“144” , Krigga, July 2015 // This piece was a tribute to righteous militancy. Although the images depict soldiers armed and prepared for a physical fight, this piece is for the 144,000 angels who work to prepare the Earth for the return of Christ Consciousness.

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