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To the special attention of all the creators of images, sounds and texts (illustrators, photographers, writers, songwriters and performers, journalists, speakers , video-makers . . . ).

As described in the section LEGAL NOTICES section, B(s)ttF is a project starting up. Thus we (will) genuinely strive to respect all the rules in terms of intellectual property. But if it however appears that we have missed a credit authorization or a quote : please let us know directly so can find a solution, together. We know how difficult it is to exercise and live off one’s art, one’s work : we do not want to prejudice anyone. On the contrary, we wish to work with creative minds, independent and responsible! It is just that we are at the very beginning of the journey ; and we sometimes fail avoiding this evil of our time: a hasty promptness. All the same regarding any bug or concern that might occur while being on our wesite : tell us. :]

So do not hesitate! hello@blackstothefuture.com (for any remark, complaint or request for withdrawal) / love@blackstothefuture.com (if you just want to work with us)

Blacks to the future
Black(s) to the Future addresses everyone involved in the building of tomorrow : it is a space where creative initiatives come together, taking up the AFRICA + FUTURE challenge.
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